Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update: Brian & I

Brian took a month off when Lorelei came home.  It helped a lot, he was able to feed Ainsley and/or take care of the kids while I worked with Lorelei on her feedings.  Brian went back to work the day after Christmas.  But he now has a new job.  It's still the same employment rank with the DoD but a much better position.  He now as set hours, starting in the morning so he is home for dinner most nights!  He also has his own office with is name on the door and everything!  haha.  I am so proud of him.

There isn't much going on with me, just staying at home, trying to take care of all these kids (haha), and running to lots of doctors appointments and the like.  I am looking into starting my own company selling awareness jewelry, clothes, and other items.  Everything has an awareness ribbon theme and will come in many colors for different causes.  Although every cause is important the ones that are directly important to me are pink/blue premature birth awareness (for all of my kids), pink breast cancer awareness + pink/blue male breast cancer awareness (for my grandfather who has passed), red AIDS awareness (for my father and his partner who have passed), and dark blue arthritis + dark blue/purple rheumatoid arthritis (for my mother).  Don't know if my plan will even work out with this company but I have to give it a try.  I need something of my own to focus on away from the kids.

Me and my mom on Thanksgiving.

Update: Rhiannon & Konnor

They love having their baby sisters home. If A&L are crying the kids will act all silly in front of them and the babies just smile and laugh.  It helps me out a lot because they don't cry while I make bottles.  Rhiannon is all about making sure the babies are happy and have anything they need.  Any time Konnor sees them his face just glows with happiness.

They played pee-wee indoor soccer.  Every Wednesday they had 30 minutes of practice followed by a 30 minute game.  All of it was pretty funny.  Try to picture a bunch of 3-4 year olds running back on forth on half of a baseball court, and none of them really know what they are doing, or sometimes what is even going on.  Now picture a very cute (if I do say so myself) set of girl/boy twins running back and forth just following the large crowd of players while holding hands and giggling!  Most adorable thing ever!

Then they celebrated their 4th birthday.  I can not believe they are 4 years old already.  We had just a few people over but it was a lot of fun.  Rhiannon wanted a Repunzal theme and Konnor wanted the Avengers, so of course we had to mix the two.  Between their birthday and Christmas they got spoiled... big time.

Now they have just started basketball.  They have had two games so far.  It's cute too, none of the kids can dribble the ball so they carry it back and forth.  And no matter what player has a ball, kids from both teams try to block the basket.  Oh and during the first game Rhiannon would aim for the basket and just sit there... everyone shouting "Shut it, shut the ball!" and she just stands there with the ball in the air aimed for the basket.  Konnor scored a basket - I was proud.  I love it.

Keeping busy during Lorelei's surgery.
She let Konnor cut her hair...
Keeping busy during one of many many visits to the hospital.

Excited about making his own pizza.

My Superman & Supergirl!
Long night of trick-or-treating.

Chuck E. Cheese
Cousin Kody's 7th birthday
Such a good goalie.

Happy 4th Birthday!!
Cousin Kody came to stay the night.
So excited waiting to open gifts.

Showing off her Christmas tree earrings.
Love them so much!
Santa Claus!

All 4 of my babies!