Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day 3D Ultrasound

On Sunday, Father's Day, we did a 3D/4D ultrasound of the babies!  It was me (of course), Brian, the kids, Mom, Jimmy, Carol, Kevin, and his "girlfriend" Kaylee.  We got a lot of pictures and video.  A lot of the pictures are not very good but it wasn't the ultrasound techs fault, they babies were just not in good positions and kept moving around a lot.  Baby B was first, she kept putting her arm across her face and later was bringing her knee all the way up to her face too.  When they were taking pictures of Baby A, Baby B put her hand in front of Baby A's face too.  I was joking that at first she was going "No, don't take my picture!" then "No, you can't take my sister's picture either!".  Haha!
Baby B: see that elbow and arm
Baby B: biting lower lip
Baby B: smiling
Baby B
Baby A
Baby A
Baby A: with Baby B's fist
Baby A

After that everyone, except for Kaylee, went to an early dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Mom and Jimmy have never been there before but they enjoyed it.  At the end Kevin left and the rest of us went to Baby Depot.  We bought a really nice big diaper bag for only $35.  I was thinking about making one, but wasn't sure when I would get the time plus it would cost me around $55 or more for material and supplies.  I know Mom and Jim bought some stuff for the babies too but they were trying to be sneaky about it, so I don't know what they got.  The last stop of the night, minus Mom and Jim, was Babies R Us.  We officially picked out the crib bedding so we can pick out paint colors and get started in the nursery.  We bought something small for the nursery that we can use to match the colors.

Yesterday, the cribs were ready for pickup!  After work Brian and Carol picked them up and we put one of them together.  After that it was late and Brian was too tired to do the second crib.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sunday we went swimming at my mother-in-laws house.  The kids have only been swimming in a full size pool a few times, and mostly when they were little.  They were happy and excited about swimming but it took them forever to get completely into the water and they didn't stay in long.  The water was also really cold because the heater wasn't working right.  It took me a long time to get all the way in too, but once I did it felt so nice because I didn't feel pregnant.  I wasn't sore or felt huge haha.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kid's Bedroom/Playroom

So our house has three bedrooms.  The master, the kids bedroom, and the kids playroom.  In order to make room for the two new babies were joined the bedroom into the playroom.  And the kids old bedroom will be the nursery.  They only things that were in their bedroom were clothes and beds so you would think it wouldn't have been hard, but it was.  Since we just got the house, the kids have lots of toys, and never had a playroom - so literally all of their toys were just sitting on the floor in the playroom with a few boxes to throw the small toys in.  We had to find a way to organize it all.  And I think we did a pretty good job.  The kids liked the idea of sleeping in the playroom.  They are sleeping in it just find, and haven't had any trouble with them wanted to play instead of go to sleep.  There are still a few little things I want to do but basically it's all done.  Now I can't wait to get started on the nursery!

Before: View from door
After: View from door
Before: Wall near the door
After: Wall near the door
Before: Closet area
After: Closet area

Thursday, June 7, 2012

OB Appt and Echo Ultrasound

Tuesday I had an OB appointment.  It was suppose to be the first time I got to meet the doctor but apparently he wasn't feeling well, so I met with his wife again.  She listen to the heartbeats (Baby A: 152bpm; Baby B: 160bpm) and said I was measuring 24weeks.  Which is kind of weird because I am 23weeks but with twins.  They only time I got measured during my first pregnancy was at 15weeks and I measured 19weeks - because it was twins.  But she didn't seem concerned about it.  I told her that I have felt movement very high up (ultrasound shows both babies are low) and once I have felt a 3 'bulges' at the same time. [I say 'bulge' or 'bubble up' when the babies stick out really far and make my tummy look ... odd.] I am not saying there is a third baby... I just want to know what it is.  She took me seriously but didn't try to listen for a third heartbeat or anything.  Which I wish she did - just for peace of mind.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had a regular ultrasound and an echo ultrasound done at the same time.  First off, I had my favorite ultrasound tech finally - Erin.  I had her for every ultrasound during my first pregnancy and only once during this pregnancy.  I think its because I go on Mondays and she just isn't there on Mondays.  Anyways, she took her time, chatted with me (and just the awkward small talk stuff), showed me what the babies were doing, etc.  She kept joking that Baby B was a brat because she kept pushing Baby A when she was trying to do the measurements.  She said both babies were head down and facing each other, tummy to tummy.  She was able to get me a picture of both of their heads, even though that's usually really hard to do this far in the pregnancy.  But she said they were super close together.  Baby A is 1lb 1oz and Baby B 1lb 3oz.

Then I went into another room to get an echo ultrasound done by a different ultrasound tech.  She was nice but just the dumb small talk stuff with her.  She just zoomed in on their hearts (of course) and didn't tell me anything about the ultrasound in any way.  I was already warned my Erin that this tech wouldn't say a word.  The actual results from the ultrasound could take up to two weeks.  That is it with that, except for one thing that was weird (going back to the mysterious third baby).  She found Baby A where she always is, my right side fairly low... but she was having a harder time focusing on Baby B's heart... she was literally just under my rib cage and far back (like closer to my back then my front/chest).  So the tech had to push down really hard and kept hitting my ribs.  But what I don't understand is during the first ultrasound just minutes before both babies were side by side, just about even, rubbing their tummies together.  They highest Erin had to go was maybe even across my belly button.  And Erin had to measure their heads, and legs... so how could Baby B move so far up, so fast?  I get that they still have a lot of room right now... but why would my uterus even be that high up right now for her to wiggle her way up that far?  The tech never even tried to look on my left side across from Baby A either.  In-between examining each baby she completely removed the ultrasound wand from my tummy to do paperwork too.  There has been jokes about a hidden third baby since we found out it was twins... but its all been jokes.  After that exam, that was the first time I actually got concerned about a triplets.  I still think its just twins... but boy oh boy are the little odd things piling up.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Fair

Sunday we went to the fair.  It was so much fun.  It was me, Brian, and the kids, with my mom, step-dad Jimmy, sister Kaitlyn, her boyfriend Andrew, and my nephew Kody.  The kids had so much fun, they love it when they are with their cousin too.

Mom and Jim pre-ordered wristband for the kids online.  So when we took the printouts for the kids to get the wristbands up on, Konnor started throwing a fit and crying because he didn't want it on.  Rhiannon copied, even though she already had hers on and was fine with it.  Both of them were screaming off the top of their lungs, people were staring, everything.  It was so bad and embarrassing.  They kept trying to take the bands off and saying they wanted to go home.  I was a very unhappy mom and wasn't going to let them waste the $22 each for the band, when I know they would have fun once they calmed down and got on some rides.  Which eventually happened.  It took about a hour and half to get Konnor happy again.  We walked around looking at different animals like a tiger, alligators, snakes, baby kangaroo, etc.  He liked the insects... especially the dead ones in the display frames.  Haha what every makes him happy.

After he was happy again, we took them to the rides and they didn't want to stop.  Some of the rides they are big enough to go by themselves, some of them they can go on as long as they have an adult.  Well of course I couldn't go on because I'm pregnant so Brian had to go on with them.  It was funny because he looked like a monster on some of the rides.  He wasn't exactly having fun on the kiddie rides either.  At the end, Konnor was crying because he didn't want to leave, he wanted to keep getting on the rides.  Go figure. Later when asked what their favorite part of the fair was, Konnor says winning his purple elephant.  And both of them say their favorite ride was the "boing, boing" - a ride that went around in circles and the car went up and down.

Kody and Rhiannon on the first ride of the day.

Konnor and Rhiannon driving a jeep.

Rhiannon, Kody, Konnor, and Brian driving around.

Kaitlyn, Mom, and Me

Konnor won that all by himself!

Konnor and Brian followed by Rhiannon and Kaitlyn.

Haning out in the boat.

I love them so much!