Monday, August 20, 2012

6 Weeks Old

Today my babies are 6 weeks old. Tomorrow they will be 34 weeks gestational.

Ainsley weights 4lb 1oz! Today she started gavage feedings! That is were they put it in the tube that goes into your mouth - its not longer slowly going in like an IV would. She is getting 37ml every 3hrs. So far she is handling it great too - haven't spit any up, tummy is soft, and she is digesting all of it. If she keeps doing good then she just needs to get off the NIPPV (type of oxygen machine) and she can try a bottle. She can still be on oxygen but not pressurized air like she has now. They are putting the settings down a little in the morning.

Lorelei weights 4lb 11.5oz - although a lot of it is water weight. She isn't getting any better but not getting worst either. Her settings on the NIPPV or jet machine are not going up or down. She isn't getting any milk at all - at least until the 26th. And so far it looks like they wont be doing the surgery until sometime after she is done with her antibiotics (the 26th).

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