Thursday, June 7, 2012

OB Appt and Echo Ultrasound

Tuesday I had an OB appointment.  It was suppose to be the first time I got to meet the doctor but apparently he wasn't feeling well, so I met with his wife again.  She listen to the heartbeats (Baby A: 152bpm; Baby B: 160bpm) and said I was measuring 24weeks.  Which is kind of weird because I am 23weeks but with twins.  They only time I got measured during my first pregnancy was at 15weeks and I measured 19weeks - because it was twins.  But she didn't seem concerned about it.  I told her that I have felt movement very high up (ultrasound shows both babies are low) and once I have felt a 3 'bulges' at the same time. [I say 'bulge' or 'bubble up' when the babies stick out really far and make my tummy look ... odd.] I am not saying there is a third baby... I just want to know what it is.  She took me seriously but didn't try to listen for a third heartbeat or anything.  Which I wish she did - just for peace of mind.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had a regular ultrasound and an echo ultrasound done at the same time.  First off, I had my favorite ultrasound tech finally - Erin.  I had her for every ultrasound during my first pregnancy and only once during this pregnancy.  I think its because I go on Mondays and she just isn't there on Mondays.  Anyways, she took her time, chatted with me (and just the awkward small talk stuff), showed me what the babies were doing, etc.  She kept joking that Baby B was a brat because she kept pushing Baby A when she was trying to do the measurements.  She said both babies were head down and facing each other, tummy to tummy.  She was able to get me a picture of both of their heads, even though that's usually really hard to do this far in the pregnancy.  But she said they were super close together.  Baby A is 1lb 1oz and Baby B 1lb 3oz.

Then I went into another room to get an echo ultrasound done by a different ultrasound tech.  She was nice but just the dumb small talk stuff with her.  She just zoomed in on their hearts (of course) and didn't tell me anything about the ultrasound in any way.  I was already warned my Erin that this tech wouldn't say a word.  The actual results from the ultrasound could take up to two weeks.  That is it with that, except for one thing that was weird (going back to the mysterious third baby).  She found Baby A where she always is, my right side fairly low... but she was having a harder time focusing on Baby B's heart... she was literally just under my rib cage and far back (like closer to my back then my front/chest).  So the tech had to push down really hard and kept hitting my ribs.  But what I don't understand is during the first ultrasound just minutes before both babies were side by side, just about even, rubbing their tummies together.  They highest Erin had to go was maybe even across my belly button.  And Erin had to measure their heads, and legs... so how could Baby B move so far up, so fast?  I get that they still have a lot of room right now... but why would my uterus even be that high up right now for her to wiggle her way up that far?  The tech never even tried to look on my left side across from Baby A either.  In-between examining each baby she completely removed the ultrasound wand from my tummy to do paperwork too.  There has been jokes about a hidden third baby since we found out it was twins... but its all been jokes.  After that exam, that was the first time I actually got concerned about a triplets.  I still think its just twins... but boy oh boy are the little odd things piling up.


  1. That would certainly make for an interesting appointment! :D

  2. How early did you find out they were twins? & when was your next u/s? I had a 6 week u/s & they found twins, I went back at 8 weeks, that is when they found my hidden little triplet surprise :o)

    1. I had one ultrasound at 6wks but only saw one baby. Had another ultrasound at 8wks and that's when we found out its twins. The ultrasound after that (12wks?) and beyond they only found the two still. I actually had an 3D ultrasound last Sunday and they double checked for me. So I don't this triplets... but I do have to say I don't think I have just been putting stuff in my head or anything because this isn't my first twin pregnancy.. but it seems to be very different. But still just twins.