Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day 3D Ultrasound

On Sunday, Father's Day, we did a 3D/4D ultrasound of the babies!  It was me (of course), Brian, the kids, Mom, Jimmy, Carol, Kevin, and his "girlfriend" Kaylee.  We got a lot of pictures and video.  A lot of the pictures are not very good but it wasn't the ultrasound techs fault, they babies were just not in good positions and kept moving around a lot.  Baby B was first, she kept putting her arm across her face and later was bringing her knee all the way up to her face too.  When they were taking pictures of Baby A, Baby B put her hand in front of Baby A's face too.  I was joking that at first she was going "No, don't take my picture!" then "No, you can't take my sister's picture either!".  Haha!
Baby B: see that elbow and arm
Baby B: biting lower lip
Baby B: smiling
Baby B
Baby A
Baby A
Baby A: with Baby B's fist
Baby A

After that everyone, except for Kaylee, went to an early dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Mom and Jimmy have never been there before but they enjoyed it.  At the end Kevin left and the rest of us went to Baby Depot.  We bought a really nice big diaper bag for only $35.  I was thinking about making one, but wasn't sure when I would get the time plus it would cost me around $55 or more for material and supplies.  I know Mom and Jim bought some stuff for the babies too but they were trying to be sneaky about it, so I don't know what they got.  The last stop of the night, minus Mom and Jim, was Babies R Us.  We officially picked out the crib bedding so we can pick out paint colors and get started in the nursery.  We bought something small for the nursery that we can use to match the colors.

Yesterday, the cribs were ready for pickup!  After work Brian and Carol picked them up and we put one of them together.  After that it was late and Brian was too tired to do the second crib.

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