Tuesday, May 15, 2012


(19wk 6days)  The ultrasound was fine.  Both babies are doing fine and weight 10oz each.  They were moving a lot and I think Baby B had the hiccups.  Then I had to get the amniocentesis done.  I was scared of course but I figured that if I didn't watch what the doctor was doing, and just focused on the ultrasound screen it would be okay.  I was wrong.  It hurt so bad.  At first it was like getting a shot - just stung a little.  Then as the needle went into my uterus it hurt so bad.  I had to do everything in my power to not jump up off the table.  I yelled but not really loud and tears were even coming down.  And with all that pain... I had to do it again.  The second time wasn't as bad but still very bad and painful.  I got to go home right away.  After I was in the car I got a kick from one of the babies.  The strongest kick I have every felt even from Rhiannon and Konnor.  I'm sure it hurt more because I was very sore.  But I told Brian that the babies were mad about the amnio.  I had a little cramping but it hurt a lot and I was sore all day.  We will find out the results within 14days.  I am not worried about getting bad results, but I am looking forward to confirming the genders.

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