Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Appt at New OB's Office

Today was my first appointment at my new OB's office.  I didn't see/meet the doctor but it was still a good visit.  It was confirmed that he will let me try a vaginal delivery as long as Baby A is head down.  That is so great, I was worried about even finding a local doctor that would let me have a vaginal twin delivery.  And most doctors that will do it require both babies to be head down, this doctor only requires Baby A.  Nurse even told me last year the he deliver triplets vaginally, and of course it was a big deal.  The nurse was super nice too.  We just sat in the exam room talking for quite a while (they weren't busy at all).  I have an appointment set for next week.  During that appointment I will only meet the doctor's wife who is an RN and midwife.  After that I will see the doctor.

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