Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Upsetting Appt: Genders/2-Vessel Cord

Yesterday I had an appt with the high risk doctor, just like every other Monday [18wk today with mo/di twins].  First, once again.. we dont know sex... not in our opinion at least.  Weeks ago we were told "maybe girls?" when the tech didnt seem to get a view at all.  Then at the next appt we were told "both girls" when she only look at one girl and it was a side view, not a private area view.  That same day I had an OB appt and we clearly saw boy parts and OB said "this one is a boy!".  Even though they are mo/di, he tried to get a view of the other baby to be sure... but couldnt see.  We liked that he didnt want to assume they were the same because you never know they are identical for sure until a DNA test is done.  Then at my appt yesterday the tech got a good view of one baby and said girl - and it really did loo like a girl to me.  That was the baby on the left, in the picture you can clearly see part of the other baby to the right.  She looked away doing whatever... then she looked at the SAME baby and said "this one is a girl too".  But in that second picture you can clearly see a baby to the right again.  I tried to point it out but she wouldnt listen.  DH agreed with me, she never moved the ultrasound wond at all.

We are confused and upset.  DH it was confirmed that one is a boy and later confirmed that one is a girl - so he is going by that.  I wont be happy until someone said "yes one is a girl and one is a boy".  I honestly dont care if they are both girls, both boys, or one of each... but I want to know.  I feel like we will never know until they are born.

Then they had the doctor come in to look at one of the babies.. I didnt freak out but was a little worried.  He said the baby on the right has a 2vessel cord - it should be 3.  Then I thinking "oh okay - no big deal" -- my son had the same thing.  They told me at 30-31weeks (born at 32wks) and said it could cause a problem with one of the kidneys but that everything looked good via ultrasound.. and when he was born everything was fine.  But this doctor starts going on about down syndrom and how I should get an amnio done.. but then goes on about how I could miscarry from it.  - Seriously making it all very very scary.  So now I am freaking out.

On a side note... when the doctor came in to get a look at the cord for himself.. I could swear I saw boy parts... 

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