Monday, July 2, 2012


Starting Saturday (26wks4days) afternoon I started feeling pain.  My hips mostly, just sore.  At first I figured it was from van shopping all day on Friday and it would go away after a while.  As the day went on it got a little worst until the very end when it was getting really bad.  I took a shower thinking the warm water would help with the soreness - but it got even worst when in the shower.  That was when it really starting hurting in my lower back.  That was when I really got worried.  I only felt a few contractions throughout the day - but with my first pregnancy I wasn't feeling contractions at all... just pain in the hip.  So I told Brian that I should probably go to the hospital.  This was already around midnight.  He was at work so his mom, Carol, came over to watch the kids and give me her car.  I got to L & D around 2am.  Pretty much right away found out I was having contractions 2-4min apart and dilated (up to) 1 cm.

They did an fFN (Fetal Fibronectin) test.  This test checks for the fFN protein which basically helps stick the baby to the uterus.  So if extremely little to no protein is present then the baby hasn't started 'unsticking' yet.  Basically a positive results mean you will deliver within two weeks.  And a negative result means you most likely won't - but can still go either way.  My results came back negative - so that is good still.  After monitoring me for a long time they finally gave me a shot to stop my contractions (I'm never good with all of the names of different medications).  The contractions slowed down a lot, but didn't stop, so they gave me another one.  I had them before with my first pregnancy and I really don't like them.  I naturally have a high pulse and they make my heart race even more, and my body shack.  I only feel "okay" if I lay completely still and don't move even the slightest.  They actually wanted to give me a third shot but my pulse was too high - around 140bpm.  My OB came in the morning and checked me out... since my contractions seemed to have stopped and I didn't dilate anymore so he sent me home.  I wasn't out of there until 11am.

So its started already... this is a sign that I can end up on bedrest at any time and we are not ready at all.

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