Monday, July 30, 2012

3 Weeks Old and 3 Pounds!

Today the babies are 3 weeks old.  Last night Ainsley weighted 2lb 12oz (up 9oz) and Lorelei weighted 3lb 3oz (up 12oz)!  I am so happy and shocked she is over 3lbs.  They are both doing okay on their oxygen.. it doesn't really changes, always going up and down.  They thought they heard a heart murmur on Lorelei but echo didn't show anything.  They did see that the PDA was still there but it was very small, almost closed.  Both of their continuous feedings have been slowly going up.  Ainsley is up to 3.8ml/hr and Lorelei was up to 4.8ml/hr until her tummy got distended.  So they took for off for about a day, then started her back up later at 3.2ml/hr and took out the protein they were adding to the milk.

Speaking of milk.  I have been pumping and doing much better than I did with Rhiannon and Konnor.  Until today.  Yesterday I got engorged and got a lot out.  Then in the middle of the night last night I only got a total of 15ml, if that.  And so far today I didn't get any at all.  It is also starting to hurt really bad.  Also, if I can be completely honest, I have been going nuts with all this pumping.  First it's a pain just doing it every 3hrs or so, it feels like I'm always doing it.  And sometimes I wish I could just stop doing it.  But then thinking that makes me feel really bad, like I'm a bad mom, because it's the only thing I can do for my girls right now - even thought it doesn't feel like it's even for them at all.  So I feel extremely bad right now.  I am still pumping hoping it will pick up again.. but I don't know if it will.

I got to hold Lorelei for the first time on July 24.  I was so happy. The other day I also got to hold Ainsley skin-to-skin for 2hrs.  And last night Brian held Lorelei for the first time also.  That was the first time he got to hold either one of them.



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