Friday, April 27, 2012

Progesterone Oil

Since Rhiannon and Konnor were born at 32 weeks with contractions and hospital bed rest starting at 29weeks, I have a very high chance of having these twins early as well.  So my OB wanted to put me on Makena.  It is a new medication given in weekly shots during the 16th and 36th weeks of pregnancy, to prevent preterm labor.  Its not meant for multiple pregnancies but is sometimes given anyways.  And it always takes the insurance companies forever to approve it.  And of course my insurance is taking even longer.  My OB thinks it is important that I get started on it so he prescribed progesterone oil until I get Makena.  They are basically the same thing.  Yesterday (17wk2days), was my first shot.  I had to go to my OB's office to have a nurse give it to me.  Since it's an oil they have to inject it very very slowly.  It burned really bad when they were doing it but after I was like "Okay, it's fine now".  But before walking out the door it started hurting really bad again.  It continued to hurt all day - and still hurts.  A nice 3-4in diameter around it got really big and hard as a rock.  My entire arm, especially my elbow, hurt like someone pulled on my arm.  Today its not as hard or as big, but its still there.  It is really going to suck getting this done every Thursday.  Hopefully I get the Makena soon and it doesn't hurt as bad.  Either way it will be completely worth it if it works at all.  If it prolongs my pregnancy resulting in little to no hospital bed rest for me, and little to no NICU time for the babies, I will be extremely excited.

One thing that was really nice though was as soon as I got home I could feel the baby on my right kick me, good and hard too.  I have felt them before but not for a while now.  Then late last night the baby on the left was moving a lot!

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