Monday, September 3, 2012

L's Surgery

Lorelei's surgery went great. Of course they knew it needed to be done but after doing it they were really glad they did it when they did. The PDA was much bigger than they thought and it was really affecting one lung. They had to use 2-3clips, larger clips than they usually use. They temporarily collapsed her left lung to gain access to her heart, but it didn't require a chest tube. She is even off her jet machine! They have to keep her intubated for a few days just in case (tube is in her mouth but its only connected to the oxygen machine, the jet machine is off). And she went down a lot on her oxygen settings as well! During her surgery she was completely under, but she jumped (sounds familiar aka my csection)... so they had to paralyzer her which lasted 4hrs. She gets morphine and other pain meds every 3hrs as needed. I couldn't get over how well she looked after. I don't know if it was the surgery, the open crib, the lack of vibration from the jet, or combo of all, but she looked more comfortable and peaceful.

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