Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Konnor went #2 in the potty today!  He went twice actually.  Today was his third (and fourth) time going in the toilet in a row!  I am so happy about it.  He was the hardest one to get to go pee in the potty and now he is the first to go poop.   The first time he went was at my mother-in-laws house while I was out shopping with my mom.  Apparently he simply said he had to go and wanted to sit on the potty like if he had did it lots of time before.  The second time was on Easter at my moms house.  He started throwing a fit wanting a potty seat put on the toilet, but we didn't bring one.  I argued with him that he already went pee on the potty, while I held him up so he wouldn't fall in, earlier that day.  Finally he agreed to for me to hold him and he actually went poop.  I didn't know that is what he had to do, and that's why he wanted the seat - he likes to kick everyone out of the room when he goes poop, even when he goes in his pants.  I am so happy and proud of him.  He is so proud and excited too, it is so cute.  Now we just need to get Rhiannon to start going too.

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