Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

On Saturday we had my parents, Brian's mom, my sister, and her boyfriend and kids over to dye eggs. This was the first time my kids ever dyed Easter eggs.  They did such a good job too.  Konnor was so careful with the eggs and would pat them dry with a paper towel after.  It was very cute.  He kept dying all his eggs blue and Rhiannon kept dying all of hers pink - it was funny.  We had to keep talking them into using other colors.

On Easter Sunday, we went to my mom's house.  We did the egg hunt first while it was still nice and warm outside.  Last year it was really cold and windy which is how the weather has been lately, so we were scared it would get cold after a while.  But the weather stayed nice and only got a little chill after it got dark.  My nephew, Kody, is six years old so he got more eggs by far of course.  Rhiannon and Konnor got almost exactly the same.  Each of them found a golden egg (plastic) that had money in it.  Oh and 100 eggs were hidden, 99 were found, haha.

After that we had dinner.  I am so glad my apatite is back, for the most part at least.  Then the kids were able to get their Easter baskets from my mom.  They loved them of course.

Here are some other photos we took.

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