Tuesday, April 17, 2012

High Risk Appt & OB Appt

I had two appointments yesterday.  First one was with my high risk doctor.  It ended up taking about two hours because they were so backed up.  So they ended up doing a faster ultrasound then they already do (which is way to fast as it is).  The ultrasound showed my cervix was a good length. At the end the tech says "do you want to know sex" - "yes please".  While looking at a side view of just one of the babies Baby B/my right side) she goes "They look like girls".  She didn't even have a view of the private area, the whole time she didn't have a view at all.  So basically, Brian and I left there going "Okay" but not taking her word for it at all.  Also when she first put the ultrasound wand on my tummy, but was busy with other stuff, there was a butt showed of the baby on the right of the screen (so my left - usually Baby A) and I'm pretty sure I saw a penis. I don't care at all if they are girls or boys (was wishing for fraternal girl/boy twins again, but that's not happening if they are identical) but I have been having a gut feeling they are girls.  Brian really wants them to be boys (well one of them at least).

My second appointment was with my OB.  He said he was very glad I went to the ER (even though it didn't actually help any).  He checked and said my cervix was completely closed which is really good.  He was upset that my insurance company still hasn't approved my prescription for the Makena P17 progesterone shots - it has been over a month.  I am 16 weeks today which is when I am suppose to start taking them.  So for now he gave me a prescription for a progesterone oil, which should be easier for me to get.  Found out my OB is moving in two months, so I have to find a new OB.  I am really upset about that because he is so easy to talk to and ask questions, all that kind of stuff.  I am considering going to the doctor that delivered Rhiannon and Konnor.  He was the on-call doctor at the children's hospital I got transferred too.  Every week I was have one of two doctors.  One I didn't like at all, but the one that I liked a lot was the one there that week when the kids were born.  The only probably is his office is 1-1:30hrs away.  But if I end up delivering early it will be down there anyways... and I will pretty much only see him once a month until then anyways.  My OB doesn't want me to start going to another doctor until I get on the progesterone shots first.  Anyways, he asked if we found out sex yet.  We just told him no, they haven't been able to get a good view.  So he took a look.  This time the baby on my right was Baby A and it's a boy!!  We could see it, even though he doesn't zoom in as close as the other place tries too.  He tried to get a view of Baby B/left side but no luck.  Brian and I liked that he tried to get a view of both even though they appear to be identical.

With this confusion of girls.. no boys.. etc.  We are hoping to go to see my cousin on Thursday.  She is studying to be an ultrasound tech and has an externship with my high risk doctor but at a farther location.  We can go to her school which is near the children's hospital 1+ hour away.  But I am going nuts not knowing what they are.  My cousin will be able to take as much time as she needs to get a good view and will get us some pictures (since we don't have any girl/boy pictures yet).

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