Sunday, April 15, 2012

ER Visit

Yesterday I went to the ER with contractions.  At first I wasn't that sure if I was having contractions or not.  Every once in a while my tummy just feel funny.  I knew it wasn't the babies moving because that feels completely different, and it didn't feel tight or anything.  But every time it would happen I would feel slightly nauseous.  I debated on what to do for many hours before I realized I would rather go in for no reason then stay home and something happen.

After I got there I could tell for sure I was having a few contractions.  ER doctor was great and tried to help because he has twins boys that were born premature, his wife starting having contractions at 23weeks.  In the end they didn't actually help me out at all.  They would never put me on a monitor to see/time my contractions.  The doctor kept trying to talk Labor and Delivery into taking me, at least to get monitored, but they wouldn't because I wasn't at 20weeks.  They said my blood pressure was fine but my pulse was kind of high so they put in an IV.  It didn't help though, just sitting in a chair my pulse went as high as 118bpm.

I did have an ultrasound and the tech was awesome! She let me watch the screen the whole time and described everything that was going on, even though they are not suppose to let you see or tell you anything. First off my cervix looked fine on the ultrasound, the babies heartbeats were good, etc.  During the ultrasound the babies switched positions.  Well, not exactly, they moved up and out, changing which one is considered Baby A and Baby B (it goes in order starting with whom ever is closest to the cervix).  The tech tried to find out the sex of the babies for me but she couldn't get a good view.  Good thing too because Brian would have been upset if I found out and he wasn't there.  She also  printed out a picture of each baby for us.  She probably could have got into trouble if someone found out.  She was so sweet.  She was in shock the whole time when she found out I'm having a second set of twins.  After finding out that both set were conceived natural, while on the pill actually, and that I had the first set vaginally (hoping for another vaginal twin delivery) she said "Oh my God, you are my hero!!" hahaha.  Anyways, best news from the ultrasound... the partial placental abruption is completely healed!!  I told the tech about it so she would know that I already knew about it, but she said she didn't see anything wrong with the placenta at all.

I already have an appointment tomorrow with my high risk doctor in the morning and one with my OB in the afternoon.  So we will see what they say also.  For today I am just trying to stay off me feet by laying on the couch and Brian is waiting on me.  I am scared the contractions will get worse and they won't/can't do anything to stop them.  I was worried about the being born around 32 weeks like last time (I have made a personal goal of 35 weeks this time) but now I'm afraid of losing them.

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