Monday, April 16, 2012


It was a nightmare to cute Konnor's hair last night.  He has only had three (maybe four) haircuts so he isn't use to them.  Which I understand, I get how it could be scary for a 3yr old.  At first he was all about getting it cut.  Then he started freaking out.  He told Brian that he would get let us cut it if Brian cut his too.  Brian wasn't in need of a haircut but just long enough that he could cut it.  So he did.  The kids even helped, so they wouldn't be so scared.  It was cute.  But Konnor still refused to let us cut his hair.  After hours he finally let us do it.  But he didn't like it so we didn't get to cut it like I like it.  And we cut it way too short.


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